Los Santos Dubbing Crew

Tuesday January 19th, 2016

The “Los Santos Dubbing Crew” is a team of the popular videogame “Grand Theft Auto V” which sets oneself to create a german voice translation for the game. I was the designer and videoproducer for this project and I also took some tasks in the management section. I also was responsible for the selection of the voices and the categorizing to a specific person. The main problem was to get voices that sound as close to the original as possible.

Corporate Identity

I created the corporate identity (which is based on the “Los Santos Customs” logo) in late January 2015 in a two hour livestream on Twitch.tv

Particular attention was paid to a neutral color scheme. The logo should feel “STRICT” but also “CRAZY” just like the game and combine those feelings. The general reception was very good and especially the team liked the formity of the logo.


YouTube Banner

This banner was used on the YouTube Channel of the project. The background was created in the game “Grand Theft Auto V” and was made by me in the “Rockstar Editor” by me.

Channel Art Template (Photoshop)


This Intro was used on the YouTube Channel as well as in the project itself.